Bacteria Culture

Bacterial culture is the process of growing and cultivating bacteria in a controlled laboratory environment. The purpose of bacterial culture is to isolate, preserve, and propagate bacterial strains for further study, research, or practical applications.

Bacterial culture is typically performed using sterile techniques to prevent contamination from other microorganisms and to maintain the pure culture of the desired bacteria. The process involves obtaining a sample of the bacteria and transferring it to a growth medium, such as nutrient agar, which provides the necessary nutrients for the bacteria to grow and multiply. The growth medium is then incubated under conditions that are optimal for the growth of the desired bacteria, such as temperature, humidity, and atmospheric composition.

The advantages of bacterial culture include the ability to study bacterial growth and reproduction, the preservation of bacterial strains for future use, and the production of large amounts of bacteria for practical applications, such as the production of biodegradable plastics or antibiotics.


Facilities and equipment needed for bacterial culture include a sterile laboratory environment, laminar flow hoods, autoclaves, sterile pipettes, and petri dishes. Other important equipment includes refrigerators, incubators, and growth chambers that allow the bacteria to grow in a controlled environment.

Our sterile laboratory environment is crucial in the development of bacterial biosupplements as it helps us ensure that the bacteria being grown and processed are pure and free from contaminants. Effective equipment and facilities are essential in maintaining the sterility of the laboratory environment, as well as in ensuring the quality and consistency of the bacterial cultures.

The engineering team of ACTINO Biosupplement Inc. played a critical role in the development of new bacterial biosupplements by designing and manufacturing laboratory equipment that is specifically tailored to the needs of the company. This in-house capability enabled us to control the entire process, from the design and manufacturing of the equipment to the final production of the bacterial biosupplements, thus ensuring that the highest quality products are produced.

To develop high-quality bacterial biosupplements, ACTINO Biosupplement Inc. has access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, as well as highly skilled engineers who can design and manufacture these facilities. The success of the engineering team in designing and manufacturing the equipment in-house is one of our significant achievements and it has contributed to the company’s competitive advantage in the market.