Our Mission

At ACTINO Biosupplement Inc., our mission is to promote sustainable agriculture through the development of innovative biosupplements. We believe that the health of our planet and the long-term viability of agriculture are inextricably linked, and that it is our responsibility to help ensure the sustainability of this important industry. Through our work with button mushrooms and our ongoing efforts to develop new products for other types of agricultural produce, we are committed to providing farmers with the tools they need to succeed.


We are dedicated to creating products that promote healthy and productive crops, while also reducing the environmental impact of farming practices. Our proprietary technology of bacteria culture allows us to cultivate a carefully selected blend of beneficial microorganisms, which are then added to the soil to support the growth and productivity of the crops. By reducing the need for chemical pesticides and promoting a healthy growing environment, ACTINO biosupplement helps to protect the environment and support sustainable agriculture. With every product we develop, we work to advance our mission of promoting a more sustainable and productive future for agriculture.


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