About Project


Pooya Company's experience with ACTINO supplement has been highly positive. After trying the supplement in one salon, the company was impressed with the results and decided to apply it to their entire farm. The supplement improved the growth and yield of the mushroom crops, leading to larger and more robust fruiting bodies. The beneficial microorganisms in the supplement also helped to reduce disease and pest pressure, reducing the need for chemical pesticides and improving the overall sustainability of the farm.


In addition, the company noticed an increase in the quality of the crops, with more consistent and uniform appearance observed. This helped to increase the market value of the mushrooms and ensured the safety and reliability of the crops for consumption. The improved growth and yield, combined with the reduction in disease and pest pressure, had a positive impact on the financial performance of the farm. As a result, Pooya Company was highly satisfied with their experience using ACTINO supplement and saw it as a valuable tool for improving the productivity and sustainability of their mushroom farm.